Will you be able to face your child or grandchild and say without hesitation, it is not I who allowed your liberty to be plundered and future darkened in a world of Liberal conformity and mediocrity? Did you do all within your power to defend American ideals, principles and institutions against encroachment by the all-mighty hand of omnipotent government and individuals whose lust for power and political opportunism outweigh their love of country?

Each passing day the probability of loved ones inheriting freedoms proudly defended by prior generations slowly diminishes. Seemingly unstoppable is the power of centralized government now tightening around the jugular vein of our nation. Many wonder whether we can bequeath to future generations the same America our parents and forefathers proudly willed to us.

     That’s why recent citizen involvement, especially by seniors, at both Tea-Tax parties and Legislative Town Meetings offer a glimmer of hope. Maybe Americans are finally awaking. Possibly, a generation of seniors fortified by baby boomers and right thinking youngsters will dare to defend  Freedom and Capitalism and exhibit courage comparable to that of our founders. Maybe they realize that American ideals and independence are under significant challenge by a Messiah called Barack Obama. Perhaps, right-thinking Americas believe they are worth fighting for.

It’s much more than government control or ownership of banks, insurance companies, American automobile manufacturers, our medical industry or our nation’s power grid using a Cap and Trade taxing system.

     It won’t be easy preventing our current dictatorship from instituting freedom-changing mandates. But, there is hope that in spite of O’bama’s seemingly infinite power, blind support by educated idiots, the fourth estate, drive by media, George Soros’ millions and $53 million of tax dollars given to Acorn, the power of an awakened American people will prevail. God Bless America. We sure do need it.