No matter how many Town Meetings or Corner Tours our Congressman conduct, details of the Health Proposal remain completely hidden and major questions unanswered. That’s why Americans are protesting while Obama supporters try to de-legitimize their genuine concerns.

If the Obama health bill is so good, will our Representatives also make it mandatory for members of Congress? How can government guarantee quality care for 47 million new subscribers, including illegal aliens, without a corresponding increase in doctors, nurses and medical facilities?

Will many older physicians retire rather than submit to government-imposed regulations and penalties if they don’t abide by limitations on patient care and their office procedures? How many students will opt for almost eight years of medical education to ultimately work for the government? Because of a resultant shortage of medical personnel will a National Coordinator of Health Information Technology ration care for age-related afflictions and life-sustaining procedures for those over 65?

Does this proposal incorporate European style “Fatal Diagnosis”, as a means of limiting care for the elderly? Does it include “End of Life” directives to promote and encourage Euthanasia for ailing seniors?

If the proposal was so good, why did the President and Congressional leaders rush consideration of this legislation without sufficient public input and discussion? Why is this Health Care proposal being used as a back door effort to include universal taxpayer financed abortions? How can proponents claim that providing health care for 47 million more individuals will not entail rationing, additional costs and much higher taxes?

These are questions we should pose and our Representatives must answer. One question we have to answer is whether life and death medical decisions for ourselves, our children and grand children should be made by faceless Washington bureaucrats or qualified medical personnel we know and trust?