No, I haven’t died. I’m still alive. But, I might have if Obama’s Health Plan was in effect March of this year. During a periodic examination my cardiologist expressed concern over the results of my EKG test. He suggested I wear a 24-hour heart monitor. The results indicated my heart was actually stopping quite often during a 24-hour period. Sometimes, it was for as long as 4 seconds.

The doctor explained that if hesitation were to last beyond 4 seconds it could cause a stroke or cut off supply of blood to my brain. He recommended installation of a Pacemaker to control my heart’s rhythm. One week later, it was installed during an overnight stay in the outpatient department of a local hospital.

I’m now fine. My ticker is ticking, as it should but my golf game is still horrible. My doctor indicated that under a Socialist medical program utilized in countries like Canada and Great Britain, immediate installation of a Pacemaker in someone my age, 79, would be highly questionable unless I were to pay for it myself. If unable to afford it, I would be subject to a long waiting list during which I might not survive. He explained that Socialist medical systems incorporate “Fatal Diagnosis” which means that someone my age would not be worth medical investment by the government. In other words I would be better off dead than alive.

Is that American? Is that the system we wish to will our grandchildren? To me, it’s a form of government legalized euthanasia. To me, it means our government could sentence the elderly to death under the pretense of saving enough money so that medical services could be available to illegal aliens. That’s scary, so pay attention. Call your Congressman and try to remember that next time you vote, no matter how old you are.