Now we know the truth. Congress actually voted for a Cap-and-Trade tax bill based on erroneous information. Deliberately withheld until after their vote was an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that “Climate Change” nee “Global Warming” is a hoax. The surpressed study indicated that global temperatures have actually been falling during the last 11 years. Claims that man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions adversely affect temperature and weather patterns are baseless and simply unsubstantiated. Some have charged that the administration “is actively seeking to withhold new data in order to justify a political conclusion”.

This coincides with NASA data that all human activity including exhalation accounts for less than 4% of the world’s CO2 emissions and rather than being a pollutant, is a necessary base of our food chain.

Supporting this was a 3-day International Conference on Climate Change in New York City attended by 700, including worldwide scientists, climatologists and meteorologists. The consensus was that Earth Warming and Climate Change are scams. One prominent M.I.T. Meteorologist, Dr. Richard Lindzen claimed Global Warming hysteria is more about a political agenda and has nothing to do with science.

This raises a number of questions. If the Congressional vote was based on erroneous information isn’t a re-vote in order? Is EPA science being decided by the President rather than meteorologists and climatologists?

At a Town Hall Meeting, Pres. Obama, in conjunction with his “Green “agenda, alluded to “Smart Grid Technology” which could monitor and control energy usage in every home and be used to levy carbon taxes. If this is based on flawed information, should the government institute a huge new taxing scheme that will increase the cost of energy to all American manufacturers and homeowners? Will national power grid technology leave us vulnerable to hackers and cyber terrorists? The Obama Administration has left us with questions but no answers.