The campaign blaming human behavior for “Global Warming” has been abandoned, not because environmentalists changed their minds but because the earth is actually cooling. Intent on sustaining their conception that fossil fuels, flat screen TVs, driving SUV’s and America’s population growth are destroying the planet they have now adopted the term “Climate Change” for their propaganda campaign. They want us to believe weather patterns including hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and floods that have continued for centuries and, prior to the Industrial Revolution, are now influenced by our lifestyles and energy usage.

They ignore scientific evidence proving that neither carbon dioxide (CO2) fossil fuel emissions nor human exhalation adversely affects either weather or temperature. Recent NASA data concluded that human activity accounts for less than 4% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Rather than being a pollutant, it is the necessary base of our food chain.

First, the environmental scare campaign leadership hopes that by using “Climate Change” as their clarion call, they can personally profit from companies established for the express purpose of marketing carbon credits. Secondly, they hope to justify further government controls of our living standards and everyday lives. This includes rationing our energy usage, mandating automobile standards and imposition of a huge Cap-and –Trade tax on all businesses and individuals.

Some environmental camp radicals actually believe in the Malthusian Theory and that population reduction involving abortion would substantially limit human exhalation of carbon dioxide. The question is whether we will accept these crazy concepts and drive dangerously small so-called green vehicles that could increase driver mortality rates. Will Americans rebel at not only paying an estimated 75% more for heating, cooling and lighting but allowing government bureaucrats to tell us what temperatures we must maintain in our own homes and ration energy usage?