Does history repeat itself? In 1923, in a beer hall in Munich Germany, the National Socialist Party elected a new Chairman. Eventually, that man became the country’s Chancellor and it changed the course of history. His and his Party’s first act was to strictly censor radio communications and institute a total ban on broadcast criticism of the regime.

Now, 86 years later, a newly elected American President and his political party want to muzzle free speech and ban any criticism of either his policies or administration. Under the subterfuge of a so-called “Fairness Doctrine” they propose to silence commentators like Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and many other conservative-minded radio hosts across the nation. They hope to accomplish this by utilizing lawsuits and federal sanctions if their sponsoring broadcast outlets refuse to air and pay for divergent points of view. Yet, ironically, liberal talk shows have attracted little or no following. That’s the main reason for limiting their broadcast exposure. Seemingly immune to such restrictions would be left-wing bias on main stream television and writers associated with news services, magazines and newspapers like the New York Times.

Did Barack Obama’s millions of supporters really vote to institute the same limitations on free speech imposed by previous dictators? Yet, enactment of an unfair “Fairness Doctrine” would be aimed at abrogating one of our nation’s constitutional guarantees in order to silence criticism by a selected class of American citizens. If successful, how could we prevent future muzzling of another group of Obama Administration opponents? No one can deny that this is history repeated. One can only wonder why conservative talk radio is considered a calamitous threat but brainwashing our young with violence and pornography, desecrating our flag and advocating removal of God from our institutions, currency and Pledge of Allegiance is labeled free speech and entitled to protection.