Under the pretense of “saving the earth” we’ve allowed global warming alarmists to completely brainwash us into accepting a so-called “Green Agenda” that is literally destroying America. We can’t build needed refineries; can’t use clean coal technology; can’t incorporate environmentally safe oil exploration off shore or in Alaska’s barren wasteland and can’t drill new wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, Communist China is there and searching for oil 40 miles off our shore.

According to scientists and climatologists, global temperature and weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes, are determined by the sun’s action and intensity not carbon dioxide emissions. Then why is the Obama Administration planning to impose a Cap and Trade tax program for using carbon-based fuels?

Because we’re too stupid and naïve to reject his propaganda claiming carbon dioxide, much of it produced by human exhalation is responsible for melting glaziers, animal extinction and future flood tides. We refuse to challenge environmental hysterics by self-proclaimed experts like Al Gore and other potential carbon credit entrepreneurs who will become millionaires at our expense. We swallow hook, line and sinker his talk of green jobs and ignore the enormous potential for job creation if we were to explore and utilize our own oil and coal reserves.

America seems so paralyzed by environmentalist hype we’re totally dependent on OPEC’s fickle Arab and other dictators who hate our country, living standard and Free Market Capitalism. America possesses over 400 years of oil, gas and coal reserves and is permitting global warming protagonists to hold all of it hostage.

Yes, it makes sense to encourage nuclear, solar and wind power, as well as, oceanic thermocline until America becomes energy self-sufficient by utilizing our own natural resources and technology but, we must reject this radical global warming con game before it destroys our nation.