How can I tell my six grandchildren their “Papa” is considered a “radical” by President O’Bama and the attacks of 9/11 were simply “man-made disasters”?

Upon hearing HS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s accusation, I opted for some self-evaluation to determine if I met her criteria. I was born in the Bronx, N.Y. 79 years ago, as were two generations of my predecessors. That may not qualify me but, I also love my country, honor it’s flag and believe anyone desecrating it should be prosecuted and English should be designated our national language.

I’ve been an upstanding citizen, never arrested or broken laws except for one parking ticket. I also pay my taxes on time so I fail the administration’s “change we can believe in” standards.

As a disabled Korean War combat veteran I’m proud of my service and seeing South Korea free, democratic and prosperous. But, I would not have been happy in a bunker with a sexual pervert.

After 54 years of marriage, I still believe it should be between a man and woman because it’s normal, moral and helps slow down proliferation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

I don’t own guns but the last time I checked our Constitution it was legal. Besides, I strongly favor capital punishment for those who take a life. But, I’m also opposed to abortion that takes the lives of innocents. On this issue, I side with life rather than supporting death.

Concerning immigration, I agree with Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower who deported illegal immigrants to insure jobs for American citizens and returning war veterans. Those here illegally are criminals and not entitled to citizenship.

I consider Global Warming a hoax, myth and scam to justify higher taxes and increase wealth of those in the carbon credit business.

Sorry President O’Bama, I guess I’m an unconditional radical but God Bless America.