A recent press editorial, “Don’t reward illegal aliens”, correctly criticized preferential treatment of those in our country illegally but it did not go far enough. There are more important aspects to this problem than driver’s licenses or in-state tuition privileges. Those who sneaked into our country illegally have broken laws and employers who hire them are abetting criminals.

With unemployment approaching double digits, hiring lawbreakers makes it difficult for citizens to secure replacement positions, temporary jobs or for teenagers seeking summer employment. Moreover, two critical components in countering economic recession are employment opportunities and consumer spending. If illegal aliens hold scarce jobs and remit portions of their income to support families in foreign countries, America loses on both fronts.

Ample precedent exists to mandate a “Citizen before Illegal” hiring requirement. In fact, during their administrations, former Presidents Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower ordered illegal aliens deported to insure American citizens and returning war veterans had better chances of obtaining valuable jobs.

Times have changed and Democrats have an ulterior motive for coddling millions of illegal aliens. They consider them key to nullifying significant Republican opposition in future elections. Democrat Party leaders have indicated an intention to reward illegals with future citizenship and voting rights insuring insurmountable vote totals for their Party. This could end America’s viable two party system and, as in other nations, create a virtual dictatorship.

More than likely, it will encourage increased violations of our country’s borders, further problems with drug importation, deepening expenditures for alien medical care, mounting costs for education and expenses associated with crime and incarceration of lawbreakers. Sadly, our nation’s future may rest on politicians who place interest of their Party above that of the American people.