Appreciate all of the comments and, especially, those who recommended Dennis Prager. Will try to find out more about him.

We often hear various interpretations of what constitutes Conservatism. While there are many articulating conservative approaches to current issues, somehow, the movement is either lost or floundering. Except for Newt, a leader encompassing the principles, leadership and communication skills needed to counter Obama’s Socialist government has yet to emerge and, we need one badly.

Many seem conservative when America is threatened. Some claim to be social conservatives, others economic conservatives. I call these truncated conservatives.

I’m 79 and it was 50 years ago that I discovered a wonderful definition of what it means to be a Conservative and it holds true today. It was in the Daily Mirror, a William Randolph Hearst publication. George Sokolsky, a Jewish columnist and Chairman of the American Jewish Committee Against Communism at that time, was the author.

He wrote that a “Conservative is one who believes the trials and errors of civilization and the risks and gains in history have produced a body of experience from which it is unwise to depart rapidly. He, therefore, conserves the best product of human experience, not expecting that the world can be changed in a lifetime. He is not a preserver of ancient forms but a conservator of that which has worked out to be beneficial. Generally, he accepts certain absolutes: in religion, for instance God; in biology, that man is a created being; in philosophy, he accepts free will; in economics, capitalism; in politics, he believes in the right of people to choose their government but he does not believe that government is all-wise, all competent or should be all-powerful”. I’d like to see someone emerge who abides by this definition.