As a life-long Jewish Conservative the most repeated question has been, ‘Why are Jews liberals? Certainly, some attribute political and philosophical sympathies to events and experiences incurred by friends and relatives victimized during World War II. Surely, those impacted by the anti-Semitic reign of Nazi Germany and the horrendous atrocities during the Holocaust, attribute them to Germany’s right wing leadership.

Yet, a careful study of that country’s political status at the time indicates it was actually leftist in nature. In fact, on November 8, 1923 at a beer hall in Munich, Germany, a leftist revolutionary group, the National Socialist Party elected a leader by the margin of a single vote. The man selected Chairman was Adolph Hitler and it changed the course of history.

Under his Socialist-inspired leadership, religious freedom melted under depraved examples of anti-Semitism and religious persecution. Nazi Germany was neither right wing, free, conservative or capitalist in nature. It incorporated centralized control and authority and was a complete leftist dictatorship. For Jews to attribute any similarity between that system and American style Conservatism ignores the very principles that distinguish the average Jewish American family from the liberal, socialist dogma advocated by this country’s Democrat Party.

Hardly any other religious group places greater emphasis and importance on the potential and power of education and acquiring the knowledge and ability to be self-sufficient, independent and free. Individualism, professionalism and entrepreneurship are hallmarks of Jewish culture and self-reliance. No doubt, Capitalism and Conservatism not Socialism or Liberalism, are the engines that generate Jewish progress and success. As the Obama Administration and Democrat Party move closer to emulating Germany’s National Socialist Party by incorporating centralized authority and government interference in the private sector, it is hoped this will become abundantly clear. One can only hope the future question will become “Why are most Jews Conservatives”? The answer to that is simple. Because they should be.