Let’s see if I understand this correctly. Global warming is causing colder temperatures, increased snowfalls and thickening ice at the poles. Carbon dioxide, much of it produced by human exhalation, is responsible for melting glaziers, animal extinction and flood tides. So, if human behavior is responsible for determining the earth’s temperature and weather, self-proclaimed experts like Al Gore and the Obama Administration propose the following.

Encourage abortion, thereby, automatically decreasing the number of humans and carbon dioxide production. Replace needed refineries, clean coal technology and environmentally safe oil and gas exploration with a “green” agenda. What is that?

Construct wind farms but make sure none faces Ted Kennedy’s waterside compound. Cover the roof of every home and office building with solar panels and hope tornadoes, hurricanes and other non-human behavioral weather extremes leave them intact and the sun shines 24 hours each day. Mandate small dangerous light colored cars powered by rooftop sails. For lighting, only permit corkscrew bulbs containing the carcinogen, mercury. Adopt energy saving rules by doing less cooking. Mama may like that one. Limit energy used for washing clothes. Only outdoor drying permitted. Grandma may remember that. Take only cold showers and shampoos. In winter, limit home heating to 65 degrees and in summer, air conditioning to no less than 80 degrees.

Now if you don’t agree, the Messiah may have a surprise for you. Have you ever heard of “Smart Grid Digital Technology”? If not, get ready. At his Town Hall Meeting he inferred this could allow the federal government to control energy use in every home, office and factory in the United States. How? The Obama Administration will mandate that all gas and electric power companies install this monitoring device in every customer’s building. Who will determine the limitations of energy usage? Your friend and mine, the Federal Government. Who can deny that this is “change you can believe in”?