Let’s see if I comprehend this correctly. An Islamic or al-Qaida terrorist caught trying to slaughter American forces on the battlefield or, who may have planned and participated in the 9/11 attacks, is no longer considered an “enemy combatant” by President Barack Obama. Maybe he’s become a peace-loving friend and fully rehabilitated by Guantanamo Bay’s close proximity to Castro Cuba’s Communist paradise. More importantly, while he was incarcerated, have we been fully respecting his civil rights? This is important and truly reflects the intrinsic social values of our President.

After all, he believes it was absolutely un-American to interrogate him in order to glean information that prevented and protected our nation from future attacks and saved American lives. Consider how detestable it was that the method used on this merchant of death was not beheading but the harsh, cruel, cold blooded treatment of dunking the guys head in a vat of water. No wonder some of our fickle foreign friends were so upset with our inhumane and barbaric tactics.

Now, without participation by the ACLU, a military trial could never be fair so we will foot the bill for their liberal attorneys in a Civil Court. Forget the fact that with no standing or allegiance to any nation or military, he’s really not entitled to rules afforded by the Geneva Convention. Neither, does our Constitution or Bill of rights entitle him to protections afforded American citizens.

When his liberal attornies demand, under rules of evidence, classified information exposing our espionage methods or identities of undercover agents we have two choices. Provide that information and our ability to intercept or prevent future attacks could be severely compromised. Decline and, if his home country refuses repatriation, the court will release him. One wonders how long it will take a Democrat Congressman who believes in “hope and change” too offer him a nearby home in his district?