The War Obama Will Never Abandon

After studying the Biblical account of the fall of Lucifer and supplementing that understanding with Latter-day scripture, I began to recognize the methodology of Satan repeated within today’s political context. Satan desired to have honor and power (DC 29) bestowed upon him illegitimately offering to “save” mankind from sin by taking away free-agency, thus forcing man to obey his rules.This idea must have been somewhat convincing as a third of the Hosts of Heaven followed him when he was cast out of Heaven (rev 12). His plan never would have achieved the scriptural goal of helping God’s children receive “immortality and eternal life”(Moses 1:39). Instead, our spiritual brothers and sisters who followed him are forever denied a physical body and are left with few choices. Residing on earth with those of us who did choose to receive physical bodies, Satan and his minions continuously attempt to destroy the plan of God by attempting to weaken us individually and spiritually. This effort constitutes an eternal and personal war between good and evil, freedom and captivity(john 8), free agency and enslavement.

This spiritual war continues on the earth as evil men aspire to gain illegitimate power over other men. Like Satan, they seek honor and power over their fellow man by force, limiting his choices and chipping away at his free agency while their own power expands. Historically, we recognize the Hitlers of the world and their megalomaniacal ambitions to control nations. Their instinct is to build large armies and brutally manifest their power by physical force and bloodshed. This has been the norm throughout history.

In the last 235 years, however, a nation has risen that has been formed to be insulated from every kind of illegitimate control. It has secured for the average citizen, “natural” and “inalienable” rights, and distributed power evenly between three major governing bodies, each answerable to the common citizen. The result has been amazing. Because our founding fathers created a foundation of free-agency, the potential of the individual was unleashed. Today the average citizen has the ability to travel, eat, sleep, and play more luxuriously than the most brazen king who ever lived. Because free-agency has been allowed to survive under the Constitutional rule of law in our day, miracles unsurpassed in history have occurred. Blessings of mass communication, transportation and education have blossomed throughout the nation and the world.

Yet, recently, there has occurred a renovation of opposition to freedom within this marvelous country. A demagogue has emerged appealing to general dissatisfactions and making mystical promises of hope and change. He managed to garner a majority of electoral votes in a show of charisma and bravado that swept him and his ideologues into executive office. Using deceptive means, they have passed through congress new laws designed to consolidate their power. They are well aware that these new laws will provide more government originated services and benefits which will entrench a growing constituency, thereby securing electoral power. They even attempt to convince the public through citizen-paid advertising that these new laws will benefit them and provide a new level of security and happiness.

What they fail to explain, however, is that with each new law or “mandate”, there is an accompanying loss of free-agency. With each personal or business decision newly mandated by government, there is an accompanying loss of choice. Just as insidious is the fact that each new agency created by these new laws will continue to acquire power as time goes on. With the imposition of these laws, what has been unleashed is a massive political organism which will constantly seek for power and whose hunger for more power is never satisfied. As this process continues, more and more freedom is squeezed from the citizen. Like the grip of a boa constrictor, or what is described in the Scriptures as “chains of Satan”(Alma 12:11) this gradual tightening slowly limits free choice and opportunity. If these new mandates are allowed to be established, a key battle in the war that started in Heaven and has continued on earth for 6 thousand years, will have been lost.

Those who appear in fine suits and have flowery words and make wonderful promises are not who they appear to be. Like the original perpetrator, they seek for power illegitimately. Their credo is “the ends justify the means.” Their word is not their bond. As we have seen, they will do or say whatever it takes to gain or maintain power. They spend our money promising to create jobs, yet their policies perpetuate unemployment lines. They say they fight for freedom, yet with each spending bill they pass, the government grows a little bigger and we lose a little more freedom. They say they care about us, yet they fail to protect our sovereign borders, jeopardizing our citizens for the sake of gaining additional constituents. They say they will help our small businesses to grow, yet they heap upon them regulation after regulation, exercising unwarranted authority.

President Obama, a former Saul Alinsky community organizer, has consistently followed the tenets expressed in Alinsky’s community organizing handbook “Rules for Radicals.” Alinsky’s introduction to the manual includes this sentence: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” After almost three years of observing the behavior of this President and administration, it is clear whose side they are on in this eternal yet invisible war of free agency. Their primary goal is not the welfare or freedom of America or its people. Their goal is to establish a permanent “kingdom” over which they alone will have power. Only the will and determination of the American people stands in their way. Unfortunately there are some that still support this president and his deceptive ideology. They number about a third.