A Matter of Conscience

I just came back from seeing the new movie “I Am Number Four”, a fantasy suspense thriller on Imax. Since I’m a bit of an animal lover, I was touched by several scenes in which the tri-colored Beagle—similar to the one that saved Jim Carrey in “The Mask,” persistently followed the pursued protagonist and finally, in the end, came to his aid. I wondered out loud how much of a conscience and sense of right and wrong dogs and other animals actually have.

Then I remembered a moment with my cats last summer. I tell people I have 2.5 cats. They are all strays who either came “knocking” on my door or snuck in through the alley cat door(that’s alley cat-door,  not alley-cat door). The .5 is for Cosmo who only comes by to eat, sleep and express his disapproval when the weather is really bad—as it often is in the Philadelphia winter. Usually, however, when I come home late at night in the summertime, all three cats, who have been carousing outside, come to meet me at my front door as soon as my car pulls up. Then, if I feel like it, I will take them for a walk around the block. They will automatically fall into step and literally follow me all the way around the block. On one such occasion, Cosmo, the .5, who is the youngest but wildest of the three, suddenly attacked Momo, my original and oldest(16yrs). Momo appeared helpless as Cosmo grasped him viciously with his teeth clamped firmly around his neck. Before I could break up the fight, Schlomo(slowmo) the zaftig matronly female, began pulling Cosmo away from the desperate Momo saving him and scattering the temporarily demented Cosmo. This action impressed me indelibly. I had to tentatively conclude that animals do indeed have a sense of right and wrong and are actually capable of acting in the best interest of their fellow beings. Not only in the fantastic world of movies, but in real life, too, are they capable of courageous acts!

How much more noble are these animals, than the array of humans we have seen on the political scene parading their selfish agendas, deceiving and lying to an unsuspecting public and breaking or ignoring the rule of law, all for their own political or financial gain? How heavily will the Ultimate Judge bang his gavel to condemn these who have God-given consciences dulled by their lust for power? Instead of listening to the voice of the people in what they trumpet as a Progressive Social Democracy, they instead grab for power by making their own rules and ignoring those clearly expressed within our established Constitution, which they solemnly swore to defend.

Fortunately, for the majority of us, there are those in government willing to wrest away from our vulnerable necks the power-hungry jaws of foolish and self-serving politicians. Fortunately there are a few Senators, Congressmen and Governors who are willing to risk their job security to oppose those who hoard unwarranted security from the tax payer. The Chris Christies and Scott Walkers, in my view, are national heroes who come to the rescue of a nation on the precipice. They are truly responding to the call of their consciences, unselfishly acting on behalf of the best interests of the majority.