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Government of Pharisees Exposed

As long as they generally obeyed a few basic secular Roman guidelines, the Jews had relative freedom under the syncretistic policies of the Roman Empire. Day-to-day government was managed by the Sanhedrin, composed of Jewish religious leaders, the Saducees and Pharisees.  These were the interpreters of the Mosaic law which itself had evolved over the 1,500 years since Moses gave the commandments to the Israelites. Over that period of time the law had become a morass of complicated domestic rules administered with great arrogance by those pompous legal authorities, the Pharisees. Over time they had created, in the name of the Jewish religion, great political power which allowed themselves perks not unlike those enjoyed by the Roman leaders.

Together with the tributes required by the Romans, the percentage of taxes against income rose to 40%, considered tantamount to slavery by the Jews.  The Jewish leaders absorbed and distributed the Temple tithes at their own discretion, having crafted the law over centuries to benefit themselves. All of this created an environment just short of civil rebellion by the time Christ appeared.

The government of the Jews was a flawed theocracy operated in the name of God by unscrupulous manipulators of the law. Today the U.S. government is a flawed Republic run in the name of freedom by power-crazed politicians who likewise make a practice of manipulating the law. Instead of providing increased access, each represent a barrier to God and Freedom respectively. Upon examination, the similarities between the two slices of history are disturbingly stark.

The Jews hated tax collectors of their day because of exorbitant tax rates, their dogged collecting efforts and questionable usage of funds. Today we face an administration also tainted by those three practices. The Obama administration puts a priority on raising taxes and on intractable collecting. Presently, it is poised to let current tax rates of all kinds including death and gains taxes rise up 300% in some cases well beyond what the Jews viewed as slavery. In order to achieve maximum collection potential, it has recently hired 16,000 new IRS agents to track down every tax dollar. Regarding questionable use of funds, our present government has appropriated $862 Billion of “Stimulus” tax payer funds for such important projects as creating a joke-telling computer program, building a Disney-style theme park made out of Limestone, and funding a program to teach Kenyans Genital Hygiene. Believe it or not, the NIH spent $823,200 of economic stimulus funds in 2009 on a study by a UCLA research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex. In December 2009, the LA Times reported $157,8 billion in stimulus funds had been spent to save 640,320 jobs. That’s only $246,346 per job! The list of questionable government usage of tax-payer funds goes on and on.

Another unfortunate parallel is the insidious growth of complicated laws. The Jewish ruling class had legislated Mosaic law into an impossible web of rules and regulations which they arbitrarily enforced. Similarly, Obamacare alone, with it’s 2,700 pages of 3,500 mandates is a legislative boondoggle which the CBO has already proclaimed out-of-budget and tax-heightening. Twenty states have already begun constitutional law suits against it.

Hypocrisy among the Jewish ruling class was rampant. Jesus told the Jews to “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”. He exposed their false display of piety as they prayed aloud on the street corners tearing their clothes and beating their breasts while behind closed doors they divided the tithes among themselves. Likewise, the Democrats self-righteously claim to help the disenfranchised while their bloated entitlement programs only serve to increase dependency and build their political constituency. They claim to represent the working man yet vote themselves pay raises and give precious little in personal donations. Vice President Joe Biden along with other leading Democrats has asked the public to sacrifice, yet he has given embarrassingly little to charity. Like the ancient Pharisees, the Democrat party has fattened its own coffers and, over the years, has increased average government compensation to a current high of over $120,000. per year, compared to the $70,000 of the corresponding private-sector worker.

Perhaps the most obvious similarity is the Lawyer factor. The Pharisees were the lawyers of their day. Their power derived from Jewish respect for the rule of law. They were the interpreters and enforcers of the law and required conformity to their rules under the threat of social censure and in some cases monetary compensation. Similarly our government today is filled with lawyers. The U.S. comprises only 5% of the worlds population, yet we produce 65% of it’s lawyers. (see American Thinker article Lawyers Party) The immense number of pages of legalese accompanying each proposed bill is symptomatic of this fact. The Healthcare Bill runs more pages than War and Peace, has nearly five times as many words as the Torah. Tellingly, 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association go to the Democrat Party.

At the height of the influence of the Sanhedrin and their leaders, Jesus appeared. He exposed their laws and hypocrisies and posed a threat to their political power. They, in their anger, chose to crucify him, but ultimately paid dearly 37 years later when the Romans brutally destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD. Today, the hypocrisy of “the ruling class” is likewise being exposed, not by a Savior or prophet, but by many prophets–a generation of prophets made up of principled every-day citizens who have the foresight to see beyond the horizon. Unlike the circumstances that led to the demise of the ancient Jews, there exists today a majority of informed citizen-prophets, each of whom, in various ways, is challenging today’s Pharisaical minority. They have protested, attended town-hall meetings, made trips to Washington, written and called their Senators and Congresspersons. To no avail, the media arm of the Pharisees, the Major TV Networks and Liberal Press has attempted to crucify this modern group of prophets by calling them racists and thugs. But todays iconoclasts will not be silenced. They are voicing their warnings on the radio, television, mass media and the internet. The Pharisees of today are being exposed, not by one man, but by a prescient majority; not by two or three leaders, but by millions of inspired moms and dads, senior citizens, concerned professionals and college students who, recognizing instinctively the telltale signs of creeping tyranny, are leading us out of the inexorable destruction that would surely occur without the timely and emphatic emergence of these, Today’s Prophets.

*If you agree with the comments made in  this blog, perhaps you, also, are one of today’s generation of “prophets”. As such, you then should open your mouth, your laptop or your check-book and let someone know where you stand. After all, what prophet turns his back and runs in the other direction? Well…Jonah…but look what happened to him! So if you don’t want to be swallowed by a whale,  make your mark between now and November 2nd!