Fiscal re-what?!

I literally laughed out loud when I heard Obama was hosting a “fiscal responsibility” summit. What a joke. He and his friends in Congress just spent more in one month than we’ve spent on the entire Iraq war, and now they want to talk about being fiscally responsible.

Well, they may be talking about it, but they sure as heck aren’t doing anything about it. Unless, well, hmm… let me think about that. Perhaps when Obama tells us he’s getting away from the “failed policies of the past” what he really means is the “failed dictionaries of the past.” Because, from the looks of things, the term “fiscally responsible” in his new-fangled dictionary is the exact opposite of what I think most of us have generally thought it to mean.

So maybe what we really need to do is just get with the program and get ourselves a new dictionary. The old one would have said that fiscally responsible means:

– saving money, and living within your means
– not spending money you don’t have
– not borrowing money you know you can’t afford to pay back
– not stealing money from your children

Ha, that is SO yesterday. FAIL.

The NEW dictionary defines fiscally responsible as:

– borrowing money you don’t have to spend on things you don’t need and can’t afford
– stealing from your children to spend on things you don’t need and can’t afford
– spend, spend, spend, spend, spend
– when you run out of money, take out a new credit card in your children’s name
– just keep spending and all your troubles will just float away…

Yep, if that’s the new definition, I think this administration has it NAILED. The proof of their fiscal responsibility is everywhere.

Here are just a few examples:
House Approves $410 Billion ‘Omnibus’ Spending Bill
Obama Proposes $634 Billion Fund For Health Care
Obama Will Unveil $205.5 Billion War Spending Through 2010
Housing bailout at $275 billion
Detroit auto bailout could cost $100 billion

That’s well over another $1.6 trillion on top of the $800 billion for the recent “porkulus” bill. Wow, so much of other people’s money to spend, so little time. Just imagine how much they can spend in the next 47 months! Oh yeah, and don’t forget $700 billion for TARP 1 (yeah, I know that was Bush but it was also Pelosi / Reid) and who knows how much for TARP 2. The fun just never ends when we’re busy being “fiscally responsible!”

How do they propose to pay for all of this? Well, aside from the ever-popular printing presses, there’s the off-chance that China might actually still loan us money, and in addition to that, tax increases. Because nothing stimulates an economy like hiking taxes on the backbone of the economy – small businesses. You know, the ones that employ a large percentage of Americans? That will pull more money out of the economy, force businesses to lay off more employees and making a bad situation much worse.

So there you have it. Spending like there’s no tomorrow and crushing small business is the new “fiscally responsible.”

Cross-posted at Eternal Vigilance.