Truth, Justice and the American Way

  Redstate is the website I usually go to when I turn my computer on. I feel at home here, the articles I read give me hope once again for America’s future. Thank you for helping to restore my faith.

  A lot of you write about the destroyed dreams of American citizens, violations of constitutional rights and the fight for truth and justice and everything that is right or wrong about this country. You write about corruption and how liberalism and political correctness has killed the American dream and I stand in your corner.  

 My American dream died three years ago when a cop walked up to me, snatched my protest sign out of my hands and proceeded to put me in handcuffs. Some of you write about our politically correct justice system. I don’t have to write about it because I have experienced it on a first hand basis. I have seen it in action six different times, my constitutional rights have been violated so many times that I just wanted to scream about the injustice. (google loneprotester). I wanted to dig a hole, jump in and hide myself and never face a world again where the truth is relegated to the back pages of a liberal rag.

  The greatest day of my life was in February of 2008. Just imagine, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, after six times in court, a liberal judge and prosecutor have exhausted every threat in their arsenal against me. They had no choice except to finally grant my Sixth Amendment right to a quick and speedy trial. That jury of my American peers found me not guilty for standing up for my rights as a small businessman.

  Two years later I am still fighting the injustice. My lawyer filed my lawsuit in South Carolina’s Fifth Circuit Judicial Court in the summer of 2008. That court and its five judges saw fit to let it gather dust in their drawers without a response for over a year. They refused to hear it and hope that it would just go away. I have absolutely no respect for any judge or prosecutor in the state of South Carolina. In my eyes they are part of the problem instead of the solution.

  Tomorrow though, it begins once again for me. The United States District Court, Florence Division has agreed to hear my case. in the morning I am being deposed by a lawyer of one of the criminal defendants in my lawsuit. There are four altogether, Larry McDaniels, the city of Columbia, SC, Richland County and its police department. They are facing six separate charges, malicious prosecution, abuse of the judicial process, assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment, civil conspiracy and violation of my First and Sixth Amendment rights.

  My business is gone, my six employees are left to fend for themselves much like I was and I am seeking justice. I have the best attorney in this state representing me and we are prepared to take it all the way to the Supreme Court if required. The courts of this state have failed me and thousands of other small business owners. I have no faith in them whatsoever.

  My case will be finally heard in federal court within the next few months. I will walk into that court room not as a defendant but as an American citizen seeking redress. The truth isn’t going to be left at the door like it was when the justice system of South Carolina was in charge. This time around the truth is going to be heard and my fight for justice will finally be at and end.