I Choose To Fight

I am a Republican. The first vote I cast in a Presidential Election was for the re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984 and I have not looked back since. The conservative message it puts forth speaks to the fundamental traditions that made America what it is today. We all know that mistakes were made by those people we entrusted to do our work in Washington, DC. We know that many of these folks lost their way and suffered the ignominious losses that politicians who are false deserve. But this party and its conservative message of values shall not be allowed to disappear from this nation. This is why I choose to fight.The Republican Party is by its very description a reflection of the beliefs and values of the vast majority of Americans who desire to be allowed to live their lives with the minimum of interference from their government. People from all walks of life who believe that hard work should be rewarded by success and not penalized to benefit those who do not care to give their all. Republicans believe that a helping hand should not become a crutch for those who do not want to walk. These ideas – these values – deserve to be preserved.

Republicans know that all life is sacred and needs to be treated accordingly. To Republicans all across this country, this is not a negotiable point.

Republicans know that defending our freedoms involve difficult decisions but do not shirk from making them. Republicans respect all of the Constitution equally and believe in preserving the wisdom of the writers of that document and that amendments to it should come after careful deliberation and not from the decisions of the courts.

At their very core, Republicans believe that the abiding and patriotic love of the United States of America is as important as air itself for this nation to thrive.

I could engage in hand wringing about what went wrong but I choose to focus on what is right. Some of the so-called leaders in our party will have to step aside, leaving room for those who have not been corrupted by the greed and avarice of Washington – people whose beliefs guide them rather than a desire for personal gain. I choose to support our cause because it is the correct one and is backed by people who know that slogans are not enough and need to be followed up by actions.

In the coming months, many will say we need to change for the future. But if change means giving up what you are then it is too high of a price to pay for Republicans and conservatives alike. I do not choose to dilute who I am. I choose to fight.