Ricky Bobby 2012!

Okay, not that Ricky Bobby.

I’m talkin’ Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal.

What’s that you say? Santorum hasn’t gotten the nomination yet and Jindal hasn’t been tapped or accepted a veep nod?

No matter!

This is purely speculative and while a bit tongue-in-cheek, perhaps not a bad idea.

If Mr. Santorum is able to garner the Republican nomination for President, Mr. Jindal would be a pretty good pick for Vice President I believe.

And, while some might see a campaign trying to piggyback or correlate in some way to the fictional character of Ricky Bobby as not a good choice or possible, perhaps it might be doable and interesting*. I think the character appeals to a lot of the electorate. It’d be interesting to see, that’s for sure.

So, consider this some campaign advice from a know-nothing-nobody for Team Santorum!

Ricky Bobby 2012! **

Feel free to tell me why this would or wouldn’t work and/or whether it’s a good idea.

*I have no idea about trademarks and intellectual properties vis-a-vis political campaigns, much less how Will Ferrell might feel, but considering how often politicians use popular music in their campaigns, why not a popular movie character that oozes “everyman”?!

**I “stole” the idea off of a comment from someone named “Doughboy” on Hot Air after I had offered the idea of Mr. Santorum teaming up with Mr. Jindal.

This post was originally posted at my blog, Wading Across