Stepping out, er, on…

This has the potential to not go well.

The headline is “Woman’s head stepped on by Rand Paul supporters”.

I can bet that liberals and anti-Paul, anti-Tea Party types will take that line and run with it. It’s laden with assumptions and stereotype.

Thoughts about Kenneth Gladney’s beating by SEIU thugs at a Russ Carnahan townhall last year come to mind, but clearly there is a difference between this situation and that one.

Mr. Gladney was minding his own business, whereas this woman was wearing a disguise and while she probably meant no physical harm, her intent was to get next to Mr. Paul and hand him an “award”. Supporters wrestled her to the ground.

The problem in all of this is that someone overzealously put their foot on her head. Bzzt. Wrong move bozo.

I have seen insults and slurs written online by self-avowed conservatives against fellow conservatives, liberals and Democrats/the administration; but, on the whole conservatives and Tea Party individuals have made a concerted effort to be collected and more importantly, peaceful, when in public at events.

I could see trying to remove the woman from the scene. I can see trying to keep Mr. Paul safe, especially when you don’t know exactly what this person is intending. I can see putting her to the ground if she’s putting up a fight/struggle. But you don’t put your foot on a person’s head. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I don’t think this incident will truly affect votes for Mr. Paul, but I would not be surprised to hear of Mr. Conway’s team trying to use it as a last-minute October Surprise.

This will rile up the liberal base and be used as “proof” against Paulians, Tea Partiers and conservatives, but in the end it’s not much of anything, though to be sure it’s not good. The individual who placed their foot down acted without thinking.

Mr. Paul’s campaign has released a statement on the incident.

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