Here, Let Me Pull The Lever For You…

Un-flippin’ believable. Every day it seems that Chicago/Illinois politics leave historic New York and Louisianian corrupt politics in the dust.

It used to be, with a wink and a nod, that Tammany Hall or the Louisianian Democrats post Reconstruction and their political progeny were it. But long gone are the days of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall or Cousin Dud* and the Longs, Huey and Earl. Chicago’s politics stink to high heaven, and like a pig to the trough, Rahm’s home.

Today we discover that Mrs. Obama, did a little “electioneering” IN an election site in South Chicago. Oh, but it gets so much better. You see, the local election official as well as the paragon of White House Press Secretaries, Mr. Gibbs both laughed it off and excused it (Gibbs without even fully knowing the story). What insanity. What a perfect example of the elitism** that has been rightly leveled against the Obamas. What a perfect example of the pragmatism and downright relativism and corruption which riddles our government like so much swiss cheese. They do it in the open. There is no need for conspiracy theories; they don’t care! That said, if you read the link, Hotair’s Allahpundit notes that it’s debateable as to whether or not Mrs. Obama truly broke any law or not. Be that as it may…

To add icing to Mrs. Obama’s cake*** – or insult to injury depending upon what side of the Versaille window you’re looking thru – it’s come to light that ballots have not been sent overseas for our military from Illinois – some on time, many not, some not at all. More law-breaking covered with excuses. What a pleasant little coincidence that Illinois is about to heavily shift red and most military personnel are conservative, no? The lack of Illinois soldiers votes might not affect the big state races, but you can be sure it’ll affect plenty of local ones, especially in tight races. Emotionalism aside, it will remain to be seen whether or not what effects this will have. Never mind excuses, the law is the law. In Louisiana the old story was that you’d see ballot boxes floating down the bayou at the close of election day, yet election officials would announce the winner, with all votes accounted for… Now, it’s just a matter of not sending a ballot in the first place… or just changing some spellings.

Last but not least, here’s another story from Illinois you’ll love – Whitney becomes Whitey on a ballot in a predominately non-white district, and yes, Mr. Whitney is white. Just another “oops”. Maybe truly just another coincidence, but it does seem rather funny, all these coincidences piling up in Illinois.

As an aside, concerning electioneering: Here in Missouri the law states no electioneering within 25 feet of the election/voting site. Signs are clearly placed at the entrance and people electioneering are usually to be found in the parking lots. In Illinois it’s apparently 100 feet. I don’t know if there are any warning signs about electioneering. In Louisiana, if memory serves, it’s 600 feet. I like that. I never had anyone ever attempt to electioneer when I went to vote in Louisiana because the distance made it not worth the effort. Instead all you’d see were the yard signs, which is found in any state no matter the law or the distance.

* I happen to have a Hadacol glass among my personal collection.
** An ad hoc fallacy? Elitism is essentially snobbery, that someone “knows” more or better than you or the “lesser” crowd. Thus many politicians think they know better than their constituents, many rich feel the same about the poor, and the coastal urbanites feel about “fly-over” country.
*** Yes, I know that Marie never really said it.

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