Comedy Central makes a bandwagon and jumps on.

If you hadn’t heard, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are having “dueling” events in Washington D.C.

My first response was, “But of course,” as I rolled my eyes.

I’ll admit, I don’t think highly of Stewart or Colbert. The few snippets I’ve watched of their shows, maybe only once or twice did they get me to crack a grin. I like some good satire and humor, but theirs is quit unfunny, contrived (in my opinion) and in general just mean-spirited. Years ago – when I had cable – I tried to watch their shows, but I couldn’t stomach them or their methods. The Daily Show used to actually be fun to watch, when Craig Kilborn was on it, but even then, I recall Colbert on that show, and his segments were detestable.

I find it a sad indicator of our society that so many young people look to the Daily Show and Colbert’s show as good news sources, much less news mediums at all. And this goes for many Christians too, who think it no problem to watch a channel that demeans Christ and Christianity – while cowing to Islam – and later to watch some comedy mixed with “news”. We are to be in the world but not of it people. This isn’t to say you cannot watch secular media or comedy, but what is happening to your heart and your soul as you watch? Is this glorifying God? Is it edifying?

This rally is truly nothing more than a stunt. Comedy Central and these shows in question have a history of covering the election cycles, and it’s clearly evident that they are playing off of Glenn Beck’s recent event on Sept. 28th. Satire is one thing, but to go to such lengths… the mockery says more about those putting it together than those they wish to mock. Pitiful.

The event is legitimate. Money has been spent(?), a date is set, but I wonder how many people will show up? Furthermore, what do they expect to do with it, and get out of it? A little bump in viewership?

The fact is that liberals, progressives and Democrats have their backs against the wall, and are in quite a depressed slump – rightly and gladly so – and I doubt such an event is going to rally their base. It has been pointed out to me that many people who watch Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and other conservatives also watch these shows on Comedy Central, and to that all I can say is, “What a further, sad commentary.” More so if people who had attended the 8/28 event attended this event. Frankly, I don’t see it happening. As well, I’m going to speculate that many of the people who watch both shows are doing so with some well-grounded thinking. I suspect that the majority of people who watch both shows are fairly set in their particular ideological mindset.

Three things: First, how many are going to show up? I seriously doubt that the organizers are going to get anywhere near the half-million turn-out that Mr. Beck got. My guess is that it’ll be somewhere between Al Sharpton’s turn-out and 100k. Nothing to sneeze at, but will certainly exemplify the dichotomy in this nation and whatever “rational” thought Stewart and Colbert are trying to exhort.

Secondly, I have a feeling that the “mood” of this event will be much more “base” than that which occurred on 8/28. I foresee signs, costumes, epithets, pink shirts and plenty of “reasonable” behavior of a more secular, moderate (liberal) slant. All in the name of satire marketed as something “sane”.

Thirdly, I wonder what the aftermath is going to look like. Conservative events make a concerted effort to keep things clean. After the 9/12 events of this year and last year, as well as the 8/28 event, great care was taken to make sure that the Mall was spotless. Contrast that to Mr. Obama’s inauguration or any time a large crowd of liberals and Democrats get together. It’s always interesting to note that Democrats and liberals laud themselves as friends of the environment, yet they seem to have no problem being trashy people, whereas Republicans and conservatives, “foes” of the environment, try very hard to respect monuments, the land and the environment.

All in all, after hearing about this upcoming Comedy Central event, I’m ambivalent, and do not believe it’ll amount to much of anything, though to be sure, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert – and no doubt many on msnbc – will find a way to spin it positively.

You can be sure that many on the right will be scrutinizing this event and will make sure to evaluate it.

And lastly, here’s a different take. Rightly so, if Stewart and Co. can pull out a larger crowd – in a shorter period of time – than Mr. Beck, it most certainly would send a message to the nation. But, I just don’t see that happening, even if apparently 125k people on Facebook say they’re going.

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