Obama doesn't care

In the 2012 Election, Obama handily won the “Which candidate cares about you?” question. This fantasy seems to be the only thing that is keeping his Presidency from totally deflating. It’s time that the public gets a sustained reality-check on this matter. If commentators like Erick focused their rhetoric on this perceived strength (Obama currently is being portrayed as some kind of evil genius or as being incompetent), it could deliver a devastating blow to Obama’s poll numbers, and in turn his effectiveness at driving domestic policy. People can accept incompetence, especially if they think that the intentions are good, and they won’t see Obama as being evil. What they cannot accept, though, is a President who just doesn’t really care.

Health Insurance Policies are being cancelled all over the Country. Obama doesn’t care.

Christians are being slaughtered throughout the World. Obama doesn’t care.

Young people can’t find a job. Obama doesn’t care.

The National Debt is growing uncontrollably. Obama doesn’t care.

Scores of black children in the inner cities are being murdered daily. Obama doesn’t care.

The US Economy is suffering from a daily assault of new Regulations. Obama doesn’t care.

Minorities are suffering the worst under his leadership. Obama doesn’t care.

Detroit is crumbling. Obama doesn’t care.

Louisiana children want to escape failing public schools. Obama doesn’t care.

Wages are falling. Obama doesn’t care.

People are dropping out of the workforce. Obama doesn’t care.

Illegal aliens are flooding the Arizona border. Obama doesn’t care.


Obama cares that he has an adoring crowd at his next speech.

Obama cares how his friends can get rich off of the taxpayers’ money.

Obama cares who is headlining the next White House gala.

Obama cares where his next vacation will be.

Obama cares about gaining more power.