Obama must stop in Afghanistan after Olympics Trip

President Obama has called the Afghanistan war against the Taliban the “War of Necessity”, yet, as we recently learned, he has spoken to his chosen Commander, General McChrystal, only once in the last seven months. Instead of working with the military at a critical time in the war, when troops are being killed at an increasing rate, President Obama has decided to take a misguided trip to Denmark to secure an Olympics bid that is seven years away.

All “strong defense” conservatives must loudly demand that President Obama makes this “Olympics” trip meaningful by diverting his return flight from Denmark to stop in Afghanistan to visit the troops and to determine first hand what the situation is. He must meet with the Commanders to understand more thoroughly what they face and why they are asking for more troops. He must use this opportunity to build a policy that will ensure a successful completion of this war.

Wink-Wink, if Republicans don’t seek out cameras tomorrow to voice these demands, their protestations about Obama’s trip to Denmark will look mighty foolish in three days!