Bait and Switch Coming with the Fairness Doctrine

Obama and his handlers were very dexterous during the Presidential campaign. The McCain campaign and Republican pundits always seemed to go for the red cape that Obama artfully displayed in obfuscation, and they ended up clumsily slashing at the air with their horns. Bill Ayers, Father Phlager, and Reverend Wright became the cape, and Obama stepped aside with “Hey, I’m a really likable guy, why would you think that any of their problems rubbed off on me?” All the while no one directly challenged his lack of knowledge of economics and American history. So, guys, when are we going to wake up and see those skinny legs behind the cape?

I’m sure that the Obama’s Administration has polled for the reaction to the words “Fairness Doctrine”, and they see that the language will be incendiary. So, instead of quietly letting it die, they are coming out in force against it. Clever, but transparent. All this to play cover for when the FCC lurches down the path of Local Content Requirements. We’ve all know that the FCC approach was coming, but is there an argument prepared for before the FCC makes its move? Can someone in the Republican Party, who is prominent enough to get on TV, compliment the Administration on their strong stand for free speech, and say that this stance surely communicates to the American people that Obama isn’t planning on playing dirty tricks inside the FCC. Instead, if we wait until the FCC begins, the Obama Administration will artfully claim to have already dealt with the free speech issue when they killed the Fairness Doctrine.

Can we for once be out ahead of an issue, and put the Administration in an uncomfortable position?