On The 73rd Day HE Will Rest!!!!

As stated before, I am not computer savvy , not able to post links, etc. Most of you will write about the Correspondent’s Dinner, so I will just make a statement, ask  questions and give some information.


My Statement: BHO ( for whatever reasons), was voted into office. Some of our worst fears have been realized. We knew he was arrogant, not forthcoming with the truth and weaned on Saul Alinsky.  ACORN & MoveOn.org, the unions, etc now more powerful, than ever. Being more or less resigned to this fact & that our so-called press/media is over 87% ” in bed”, with this party & this man , I am bracing for the worst. However, the remark at the dinner that ” on the 73rd day, I will rest” —-made me realize that all this adulation and fawning has given him 2 paths. He could be humble & serving or realize no-one will stop his quest for control and power over our lives, ( aided & abetted by this media & other far left voices.

My questions: Your diaries are informative and many are worthy of national type coverage. Beyond the diaries, are you all  “active” in working to preserve our Constitution  & the Bill Of Rights? Are you involved in government from local to federal levels? Have you joined grass root groups? Are you speaking out , when dispariging remarks come your way about anything from tea parties to “torture”?  Do you pass on infromation  having  others become involved? Do you speak with your children about the agenda of the schools? Will you make your voice known if the new Supreme Court Justice is nominated with a record of “activism”? Will you take time out to stuff envelopes, write letters or make phone calls? In other words, will you be active with both words & actions?

My information: You may be aware that there is a national bus tour to continue the message of the “tea parties”. It is called the Tea Party Express, with a planned march on Washington on Sept. 12. For more information go to TeaPartyExpress.org.

Glenn Beck has the 9-12 project. In our town, a local restaurant owner hosts the gatherings and they grow every month. Each time a person is contacted, they contact the people on theri mail list and from these other contacts ,new information is shared. Perhaps someone ( or you), can become involved in your community. Local radio shows allow call-ins , as well.

My fear is for the freedom of our country , jeopardized by  a slobbering press, a power hungry and arrogant White House and our ignorant populace, especially those citizens receiving their information from the comedians and celebrities —  the current “opium for the masses”.

Would love your feedback.