Where's the so-called MSM????? Where is the discussion--the outrage?

Have barely been able to keep from throwing my TV through the window.

Obama Insults Special Olympics & Dick Cheney. Obama has his wish on the Volunteer Youth Corp.  The Congress is allowed to whip the public into a frenzy —-their target—Private Citizens, ala the Soviet Union ( AIG). Conservatives are branded as “Outside the mainstream by TV personalities, celebrities and teachers/professors. Mark Levin write a book ( Liberty & Tyranny), clearly reciting the “Assault on our Freedoms, Traditions & Values” – — has no air-time, that I can see.  The Congress & White House ram bills through that are neither read nor properly vetted vby the elected politicians or the so-called reporters. Barney Frank singles out a Supreme Court Justice ( Scalia) and forgoes all civility and once held decorum and name calls Justice Scalia—-no one is discussing this!!!!!! Of course, they all know they can get away with all of the above so we are back to chasing our tales.

Have we all given up? Once freedoms are handed over they will not return—remember “those who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

I have called Frank’s office and stated my displeasure. Here is the number—202-225-5931 or 617-332-3920, if anyone else feels the same. The number is public , so I believe it is all right to give it in this diary. Can anyone give me a guideline?