Glenn Beck's " we surround them".

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had a program that had 2 purposes. first, to let us know we are not alone ” out there”. That there are many more of us & we surround them—-to prove the point ,he asked everyone to gather on the 13th to watch his show. At home, in a restaurant, in a parking lot—wherever people could gather.

We went to the restaurant designated in our city. There were about 250+ people. The owner explained that he feared card check & high taxes would shut down his establishment—-that is why he opened it up with a big screen TV & food .

The second part of Glenn’s point was that we need to return to the September 12th mentality. Not 9-10, when we were unaware/ignorant. Not 9-11, when we were in shock & afraid. On 9-12 we were one country. We knew what to do and forged ahead, aware and determined.

Was anyone else at a gathering ?