CNN's Reliable Sources & a 14 year old.

My fellow bloggers are much more adapt at citing  sources, including pictures, etc. My computer skills are limited & I do not know how to include attachments—or use the spell check.

So, I will simply ask if anyone saw the above mentioned program today? I watch it while holding my nose— yet, it is interesting to see the far left ( lady from Salon.com), spin this episode with Rush.

I could actually laugh except when I think of the success they are having in using Rush to deflect from the serious issues, like the falling market or the elevation of the Paestinians ( yet again), giving them money because  bad Istrael attacked. Talk about revisionism.

Our leaders ( at the moment) do not strike me as the brightest bulbs in the box but even they have to realize the trap of “in-fighting”. How about a UNITED FRONT, politicians and/or leaders?

The 14 year old,( cannot rmember his name), who spoke at the same forum as Rush, was on Huckabee, over the weekend. This is the future of the party. Smart, articulate, understanding of facts ( that have escaped our own politicians  and straight to the point.

He had 4 points, actually. Less government, cherish life, liberty & protection of our land. He articulated these in a more intellignet manner, than my recall.

We need many more of these future young leaders!!!!!!