Now, is the time to WORK to save our

First and Second Amendment rights , our children and our savings and  capitalistic system. Lou Dobbs, ( among others) is reporting  how BHO and his nefarious reprobates, ( Holder, et al) are going dismiss our freedoms.

Let’s brainstorm how we can preserve the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. There are many intellectuals out there —-toss ideas!!!!

How about calling the White House and asking BHO to stop the fearmongering on the Economy?

Let’s be pro-active on behalf of our children, whether it is in school, college or the corrupt culture, lead by arrogant celebrities.

There are many topics of conversation , at the moment. Personally, I believe, at the top is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

 I am calling the White House, now. Then, my Senators and Congressmen. I will write letters to my local school, ( stating my concerns of revisionist history, anti-religion and not acknowledging our Founding Fathers, as a start.