BHO chooses head of GE ----Conflict of Interest?

As I drove to work, to one of my two jobs , listened to the news and contemplated the coming months   —-     years of socialized takeover of our private institutions, possible vacancies on the Supreme Court seats, passive overtures to our enemies, not acknowledging the ” War on Terror”, propagandizing our children, losing the Culture War, appointees with tax issues, —- oh, my ,cannot go on ,my head is swimmimg.

Return to subject. Immelt (spelling?) is going to work for BHO? Am reminded of Bernie Goldberg’s words, ( recommend his book ” A Slobbering Love Affair”).  He  states that in theory there is a firewall between corporate offices and journalists but with the media so openly in the tank for BHO, how can the public know if a story is being influenced by the “boss” ? Is there a hidden agenda? Is the W.H. influencing a report?

Mr Goldberg brings up the point that the media attached itself to the word “change”, during the campaign. Did  any of us know what that meant?  He adds that the media, particularily the stations owned by GE ,did not question that term but instead latched on , promoted it and in part won the election, using this word. How do these journalists, now, do their job without  the “conflict of interest” question coming to the fore.

Sadly, I think that Mr Goldberg misses the fact that our ignorant, celebrity influenced and union weaned populace ( that brought BHO into the White House), already swallowed the kool-aid & will not question any actions on BHO’s part, any further. He seems optimistic the public will catch on.

 Passed a bank. Wondered if it is  part of the bail-out. Wondered if those $ are funding neferious activities by going to Moveon.org or so many other places/ persons  that Michele Maulkin has tracked & named.

Think about MSNBC. It is so openly in the tank —(Mr Goldberg states), no-one wonders but what about the other stations owned by GE? Again, I cannot be sure the MSNBC watchers are that savvy.

  Then, there is the question of GE’s stock price. Does not seem to be that Mr. Immelt has such great business acummen.

Arrived at work, with all this buzzing only to listen to the liberals touting the ” change” ??????? It was a long day.