Amazing!!! The Dems overlook, forget it is just a ripple -----

while the Reps are liars, corrupt and need to be jailed.

Clinton’s picks withdrew when they failed to pay taxes or had illegals as employees. Have times changed so much that now Dems are excused no matter what?

 A Congressman has $ in the freezer. Another  ( Frank ) seems to have some fault in the banking distaster. Cannot remember all of Rangles’ issues with homes/taxes or those of Governor Richardson. The aspiring Minn. Senator has ballots pop up  in his favor. Where is the outcry from both media and the public to investigate, at  the least? 


  Reps are required to resign right away and/or are brought to justice. Fine. There is still the cry “ail Bush and Cheney”,( for what exactly) ?  I’d like to see Kucinich  rise to the floor and  relate the Dems’ behavior and ask for consequences. Where there cries from the left for Clinton to pay for his misdeeds?  No, it was not just about a private indiscetion.

If there is no outcry, BHO will become more powerful,( the Dems in Congress more bold) — more able  to attack business men, while not ever mentioning all the politicians, their votes and  behavior , which are just as cupable, to our present economic and security woes. Let’s demand the same standards for all politicians!!!