History teaches us that a free media is vital !

Perhaps, I am redunant but it bears repeating   —  we need to have a free and unbiased press. For the most part, our populace, is either oblivious of the press openly siding with a political party or they are too pre-occupied with their own daily living stresses. The red states are more in tune and even then it is a matter of priority to sporting events, kid’s lessons and any of the many preoccupations of daily life. 

Yes, the vote yesterday was important and kudos to the Reps for holding the line. What concerns me is the onslaught on Fox News and the radio hosts ( particularily, Limbaugh & Hannity), from all sides (TV, movies, so-called press, comedy show hosts and most ominous  — the current President  along side his minions in the Congress. The chorus these last 2 years has been more frequent and  continually louder. It is troubling that “news comenntators” play a role while , at the same time, regurgitating the “party line”, with sickening adoration, no less. In the Old Soviet Union, these “dissindents”, ( and make no mistake that is what they are), were taken in the dead of night. The immediate threat now, is to silence their voices, remove our information and dialogue. Sound familiar? There are still persons alive , who experienced this either under Hitler and Stalin. At first, they did not go to the Gulags or Camps  — it was intimidation & being silenced. Rile up the people with the constant drone of “you are victims”. Now, the boogie men are the Conservatives/Traditionalists.

What happens ,as discussed a few days ago, if the internet is censored? We need to hold the corrupt press, ( in all forms from TV to print) accountable   — they have taken the Founding Father’s concept of “freedom of the press” and used it to further their political gains and power.

Ideas on how to proceed?