Media,Hollywood,etal. are not hypocrits -- they are free now to show their true leanings.

Walter Kronkite closed his “news” report with “That’s the way it is”. Well it was not then and is not now. The country received its news from three major networks, with all their bias. Old Hollywood ( John Wayne ,Jimmy Stewart, etc, ) were aging and the young filmakers, writers and actors were “Beatniks, then, Flower-Children taking over   —  anything traditional was to be discarded. They knew more  than the previous generation about life, history, politics or any other subject. Free love , drugs and rebellion were the word. Rebellion from what? Their parents gave them a peacful childhood, then, sent them to colleges to learn, not to burn ROTC buildings. Communism/Socialism no longer were  dirty words. Copious Hitler films came to us but where were the films about Stalin, Mao or Castro?

The archives of the old Soviet Union confirmed what was suspected  —  they had infiltrated our colleges, Hollywood and the unions. The current Pope states how the Universities were turning toward Socialism when he taught in the 1950’s, in Europe.

Those students are now the leaders in Politics, in Hollywood/Entertainment, Attorneys and the so called Media. Chris Mathews stated he had ” a tingling up his leg”, with Obama’s running. Before that , they lashed out at Ronald Reagan and then  salivated at Clinton’s run. Nevermind, he had no morals  — he was one of them. Besides, he engaged in behavior , not unfamiliar to them.

So their “pick” is moving into the white House. The Saul Alinsky student and follower of Marx  —  the most leftist Senator. They have achieved their goal: a socialist, a half black man ( good enough to asway slave guilt) and in our celebrity besotten society a good looking, photogenic “Front Pager”, who will wash away all those nasty Republican/Conservative values and traditions.

Now, they have the freedom to state, write and pursue the goals they had all along. Finally, there are no checks and balances. The White House, Congress, Media, Hollywood/Entertainment, Trial Attorneys, Unions and Europe  — they are all on the same page, to “change” our lives.

Krushchev pounded his shoe at the United Nations as he swore they would win  — not with bombs but from within. January 20, 2009  — only 50 short years. I have a chilled tingling up my leg.