Anne Coulter ,the lonely island

Anne Coulter is intelligent, articulate and many times “over the top”. My take is that she realizes that too many Conservatives want to “play nice”, with the Democrats. Problem is that the Democrats do not play nice. Perhaps , those Democrats of decades ago , as when Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan had a social hour ,( after hours), but not anymore. Now, the Democratic party has been taken over by the so-called elite intelligencia and far left ideologs, who lead their flock like the Pied Piper. No-one steps out of line since a united front leads to a stronger front.

I believe, when Anne sees the timidness, capitulation and even good manners of the Republicans towards the Democrats, she feels like many of us. She realizes that she is alone in rebuking their claims, actions and takeover of our so called free press. Her speeches or appearances bring attention to the timidness of our side and the over-the top claims/actions of the other side, ie.  homosexual supporters  during a demonstration, knocking a cross out of an elderly woman’s hands in San Fransisco. She states our outrage because we do not have the microphone and there seem to be no strong leaders, ( either in governemnt, universities, media or TV/films)  that pound this beat , as well. She seems alone.

While I do not always agree with all she writes and says, she needs to be given credit for doing the work, taking the pie and living with bodyguards.