Israel has a right to defend its citizenry.

Some  years ago I was in Israel for several weeks. We took a 2 hour trip by bus to Jerusalem. At each stop, I wondered if  the next person to board would  have a murder/suicide  belt? This is how the Israelis feel everyday.

In Tel Aviv, we stopped at a Pizza Hut. It reminded me of another Pizza Hut a few years before, where a murderer activated his belt.

In Eilat, we stayed at the Princess Hotel. There many Arabs were employed. We took a camel ride owned by an Arab. They talked about earning good wages and enjoying prosperity  — due to the work given by Israelis and the opportunity to work around tourists. They knew they were safe around everyone, were relaxed and content to collect tourist’s cash.

By the Lebanese border, we had an Uzi in our room. There could be danger from the border, we were told. Sleep with one eye open. We also were told at a traffic stop a young dad had been shot in the car.

In Bethlehem, we spent our dollars in the Palestininan Authority. Our Jewish guide had worked out a  tour, with the locals, for many years. The merchants were eager to sell and the Palestinian Policemen, ( the bus parked near their police station), spoke to us in broken English. One asked us to shop at his brother’s jewelry store.

My point: Hamas does not give job opportunities and/or a peaceful existance. It raises children to become fodder for the cause, which is to  eliminate Israel and establish a caliphate.

Israel does not snipe at young families driving in cars, nor ambush families in homes at the borders, nor strap on belts to murder passengers on buses or patrons at restaurants.

Israel finally realized it has to stop the rocket attacks  — 7000, since 2005. Hamas uses the  publicity from the so called “news” organizations to whip everyone into a frenzy. They  use human shields, stock weapons in mosques,  and then cry foul , when they are not allowed to continue that behavior. They know the “world” will be on their side due to their clever  use of propaganda, showing pictures of  injured children and crying victim, not to mention years of Pro-Palestinian support from the “news”, Universities and politicians. Remeber Mrs Clinton’s embrace of Yassar Arafat and his wife?

Israel knows it has only a certain window of time to accomplish stopping the attacks and the destroying the supply line  of weapons before the commdenation bears down too hard.

That they waited this long is probably due to internal political stress, the war of 2006 and the constant denial of otherwise educated people to address , who is the terrorist ( Hamas) and who is trying to stop the attacks( Israel).

How can the world tolerate Hamas and its supporters burning an Israeli flag with a schwastika in its center, calling the Israelis the aggressors and giving legitimacy to the illegal take-over of Gaza fom the people the Palestinians elected?