You have the right to remain silent...

Anything you say can and will be used against you…

Doesn’t it just feel like we’re under arrest here in America sometimes?

That sense that whatever views we make are disregarded and derided by what is sadly becomming mainstream America.

A young lady in California can’t speak her mind without getting punished for it.  A straight, honest answer gets her booted.  I thought the pagents were about character as well as beauty.  I guess you just have to have the right character and simply agree with the judges… Regardless how flaming biased they are.

Conservatives are finding more, and more obstructionism in OUR right to express ourselves honestly.  Tea Party counter protests (Some I hear got a little out of hand), Fairness Doctrine, and the complete misinterpretation of the Mainstreet Media.

It really feels like we can’t speak out without getting the jackboots of Acorn around our neck, with the ACLU holding their jackets for them.  Then we get legislated by our elected officials if we try to defend ourselves.  What HAS this country come to?

I’m lucky to live in the South right now, Texas to be exact.  Here in the So Called “Texas Penetentary”, me and my fellow conservative inmates are still trying to fight it off.  But can you imagine what it’s like for a conservative in Boston?  LA? NYC?  Heck the entire state of Vermont?  It’s has to be like being a spy in a cold war country.

“Yer papers Pleezze.  Are you a STeeenking RWETCN?” The ACLU Troopers demand. 

(Right Wing Extremist Teabag Conservative Nutjob for those of you in Rio Linda)

I having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that my elected representatives are starting to really drift away from representing me.  This isn’t the country I grew up in.  The country my family has fought for.  This isn’t the country I want my children to grow up in.  I don’t want them to be penalized and exiled for their “Extremist Conservative Views”, when all they want is to keep others out of their business.

Each and every day shows more and more evidence that we, as conservatives, are being viewed by Our President, our congress and our fellow Americans as being treasonous for not falling into lockstep with everybody else.

It reminds me of a game.  Lemmings.  You know the one where the furry green animals follow right behind each other over the cliff to their deaths?

What’s wrong with not wanting to be a Lemming?

God Bless