The Obamanation Abomination

Benjiment Franklin one said. “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Franklin was mostly right.  He missed one.

Death, Taxes and the absolute idiocy of our current president.  I spoke with my wife and I told her.  “Everytime I think Obama can’t get worse, he does something that surprises me.”

Driving home I was listening to talk radio, like I always do, and I heard something that absolutely set me off.  We are no longer at war with terrorists.  Nope, we’re not in Iraq and Afganistan to conduct a war against those that would hurt us.  We’re conduction “Overseas Contingency Operations”.  We don’t know who we’re fighting, I mean conduction OCO’s against.  We can’t use the word “Enemy Combatants” any more.  That’s too “Bush” for us.  We need something less controversial, never mind that these are the people who want to kill me, kill you and kill everybody you know. 

We’ll just rename them “Really Really Bad Men”.

Then we have our Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano nixing the use of “Terrorist Attacks”.  They are now “Man Created Disasters”.  This one boggles me completely.  I thought Katrina was a disaster.  I thought earthquakes, typhoons, and wildfires were disasters.  Disasters are those random things that we cannot predict happening.  Those that are mindless acts of destruction by nature.  Somebody who walks into a mob and detonates himself isn’t a disaster.  It’s an act of bigoted zealotry.  People who fly aircraft into buildings aren’t simply mindless, they are carrying hate in thier hearts for us and all we stand for and love.

If it quacks, call it a duck.  It’s a simple concept that accepts responsibility for our values.  To deny such a plain speaking definition, we begin to weaken ourselves so that we can keep from pissing off those who hate us.

God Bless You and God Bless America.  We may need it.