Is America Strong Enough?

The importance of history is that it teaches us about ourselves.  It teaches us the nature of the human mind and the consequence those actions.  We can always look back and examine, in detail, the causes, actions, and results of events that have occured.   The intent of studying history is so that we can learn from those mistakes and come out stronger.

For example, we can draw a reasonably accurate analogy between an advanced culture and that of the Romans.  We can see the apathy of the mob turn into the mindless bleat of the herd on the heels of a strong, charismatic leader.  The only thing they require to follow him is to continue the life of decadence that they are used to.

America is a strong nation.  It always has been.  Against external threats, nothing can break our will.  I offer the examples of World War I, World War II and 9/11.  In each and every instance of an external threat,  America has banded together as the true nation we SHOULD be and said “NO!  This will not be!”.  The Luisitania, Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Centers galvanized the American soul and harkened back to the days of the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington.  Iron souled men (and women) stood their ground and said “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further” (Job 38:11)

But, can America survive internal threats to our unity?

Again, we can look to history for the answers to that question.  The analogy that stands out in everyone’s mind is that of the succession of the southern states that led to the Civil War.  The succession was the result of the South feeling that the Union no longer represented it’s views.  Slavery was simply a means to an end, an excuse to sever themselves from the north.

Another, more recent, though less extreme, issue was that of Race and the Civil Rights Movement.  Though the Union was secure, it exposed the naughty little chasm of race in America.  Sadly it’s a gulf that still exsist, though blessedly shrinking.

We can stretch the analogy to the War of Independence.  Taxation without Representation.

History is replete with the destruction of nations alongside idealogical lines.  Korea, Vietnam, The Frech Revolution, The Texas War of Independence and The indian uprising against the British are simply a few examples.

I’m not condoning succession and I will kick the living hell out of anybody that does.  I love this country and I refuse to see it destroyed by this rip I’m seeing developing.  My grandfather suffered mental, physical and emotional trauma to make sure that we still had a nation to call home.  But just because I want it doesn’t mean I can’t see what looms over the Horizon.

Call me paranoid, or call me a nut, but I say to the people of American, especially the left, don’t let this happen to our great nation.

God Bless America and God Bless you all.