A Journey of A Thousand Miles...

.. begins with a single step. — Confucious

A rather appropriate title for a new blogger, in my opinion.  I intend this to be my opening post.  My beginning step in a journey of a thousand miles.  I don’t plan on hitting one topic hard.  I’d like to take this entry to simply introduce myself and tell all of you what I think and stand for.

I guess you can call me the proverbial “Back Row Baptist” when it come to politics.  The irony of that statement is that I AM a Baptist.  I’ve tried my best to remain neutral, to keep out of the light and just float with the breeze of hot air.

I don’t feel I can now.

Too many things are going on in our country, our way of life for me to simply sit back and watch the tides of political power ebb and flow, rise and fall, between two stagnant parties that have both lost their way.  I can’t sit back and watch as my country is taken over.  While my life is becomming more and more regimented, and my dreams begin to fall by the wayside of somebody else’s reality.  I need to either pee or get off the toilet.  And I love complaining to much to stop because I haven’t done anything to change it.

I’m a 30 year old male.  I live in Texas, just outside Dallas, and I have a wonderful wife who means more to me than any words can say.  Cliche’ yes, but all the more true.  I don’t associate myself with any party.  In fact, I’m a registered independant.  Views are much to diverse to lock yourself into one group’s standpoint, don’t you think?

I’m a solid conservative.  While I’m not a Libertarian Conservative (Read : ArchConservative), I agree with thier stance on very very little government.  I guess the point I disagree with is this.  Those that I’ve known (Probably not true of the whole, I hope) are just one step this side of anarchists.  While I want small government, I strongly believe that it has an important place in our society.

So, the question is… What’s my ideal Government system?  I know everybody has an Idyllic Xanadu of what the three branches should be, and I’m not any different.  My dream is a federal system that stays out of my way, until my rights and actions begin to interfere with yours.

It really is that simple.  Make sure you don’t mess with me and mine in a negative fashion and we’re good.  Next question.  I can handle that myself.  No, that becomes vigilantism, not rule of law.  The difference, it’s a significant one.

The key here is objectivity.  A human being can’t make an informed judgement on any matter if he or she doesn’t step away from themselves and look at issue from all points of view.  Yes there is always going to be some bias, we’re all human after all and fallible.  But we can try, and, for me, that effort is worth everything to my integrity.

Now does that lead to some separation between my views and those generally held by other conservatives.  At times, yes.  But let me pose this question to you.  What is the foundation of conservatism?  To me, that answer is self-determination.  Freedom of thought and action.  Isn’t that the point of all of this?  Isn’t that the context of the words “Life”, “Liberty”,and the pursuit of “Happiness”?

So, I ask one thing, and one thing only.  If you are reading this, or any other piece that I may write.  Please keep the mind open and the soul willing.  A knee jerk reaction to anything that smacks of “liberalism” is simply close-minded bigotry.  We react the same way that we accuse them of being.  Let’s not add Hypocrisy to our collective resumes.

I’ve rambled and meandered enough, I think.  Any more and I’ll just be patting my own self on the back.  Besides where’s the fun if I tell you all my little goodies up front.

God Bless You All, Lochnivar