Does The Convention Speaking order give a hint at who will be the VP

If we look at the current Convention speaking order, we can come to some conclusions.

Monday 9/1:Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.Vice President Dick Cheney

Monday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif.President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush

Tuesday 9/2:Fmr. Gov. Tom Ridge, R-Pa.Former CA Secretary of State Rosario MarinFmr. Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn.Gov. Linda Lingle, R-HawaiiFmr. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, R-Md.

Tuesday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Gov. Sarah Palin, R-AlaskaFmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.Fmr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, R-New York City KEYNOTER

Wednesday 9/3:Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn.Meg Whitman, Ebay CEOCarly Fiorina, former HP CEOFmr. Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass.

Wednesday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Cindy McCainVice Presidential nomineeGov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., will speak after the VP nominee

Thursday 9/4:Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.Gov. Charlie Crist, R-Fla.Sen. Sam Brownback, R-KansasSen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla

Thursday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Sen. John McCain (video before his speech)

Monday has 4 speakers, mostly from the Bush Presidency. So, McCain want to get that over with (Make sense).

Tuesday has Huckabee in Primetime slot. Ealier it will have Fred Thompson, Tom Ridge, Rudy, and Sarah Palin all potential running mates. So, McCain gets these guys out of the way.

Wednesday, has Romney in an earlier session, followed by Cindy McCain and the VP Pick. Followed by Bobby Jindal.

Thursday has Pawlenty, Crist, Brownback and Martinez, all solid McCain supporters.

Reading the Tea leaves, it would be easy to move Romney down two slots to the VP spot and move Jindal to Romney’s spot, or move Jindal up to the VP spot.

Its thin, but if I had to guess based on the speaking order, its down to Jindal and Romney.