Obama plays Checkers and McCain plays Chess

Let’s start with by saying that I am no big fan of McCain, and even less of a fan of liberals and Obama. And I have been very frustrated about the shifting winds on McCain running Mates and I am waiting for Godot. I am a very staunch conservative and have been very frustrated about the republican party and it’s lack of conservatism.

Also putting into the pot, the overall support by the MSM for Obama and Obama’s large money advantage. Put into the pot that we have a 2 Term president and the country appears ready for a change. Throw in the fact that the base is frustrated with the party leaders for not holding to conservative principles.

And yet McCain and Obama are in a virtual tie. The question is why?

It’s because Obama and the Democrats are playing checkers and McCain is playing chess. Every time Obama makes a big move, the McCain camp makes a subtle change that changes the debate. This is in part because Obama limited experience includes how to run an election against a knowledgeable politician. If Obama and McCain’s were runners, Obama would be a sprinter and McCain would be a marathon runner. As things stand now, it looks like Obama will run out of wind before he crosses the finish line.