Tonight outside Belmont - Obama supporters cult "like". Really weird!!!

Vets For Freedom was outside Belmont tonight for the debate. We wanted to make sure that we let everyone know that our message was in support of our troops and the surge had worked. For some strange reason Nashville finest seem to congregate around us, which was fine. We got along great.

About a group of 500 were on hand where we were station and YES Obama supporters out numbered everyone. What we all noticed was the majority of the Obama supporters were walking around singing and acting like they were in some type of Obama trance. They looked and acted really weird. I would expect that from the college students but the older adults were just as bad. This could be a scary election because these folks were freaking out on every word Obama said or did. It was like a Circus had come to town. Vendors were selling everything from Obama tee shirts to Obama necklaces. I’m not sure what was happening around the other side of the campus but when we left the Obama supporters were there to.

After watching this circus, I truly believe no matter what McCain or the GOP can deliver on Obama…this crowd wouldn’t buy it. You can consider these folks “diehard” Obama supporters. I don’t think they could/would have produced a single thought on their own if their lives depended on it and this is so sad. As we left our area, my only advice to them was “you know not what your doing” and thank God these are not McCain voters.