It's another Sunday did Obama find his church or his golf course?

It’s clear to me that after 6 months in office that Barry hasn’t had time to find a church that he and Michelle could worship in.  I’m thinking maybe the golf games might be getting in his way.  Searching the web sites I can only fine one occurence of him attending a Sunday Service and that was on Easter Sundy.  I did find plenty of references to the President playing golf.  Now, I’ve got nothing against golf but I do place at a higher priority, especially if it’s a Sunday morning.

I keep thinking back to his speech in Turkey that America is not a Christian country and I wonder why would he say that, especially since 76% of Americans believe in God.  I’m finally come to the conclusion that he can say that because HE truly believes that.  Of course, he does not speak for the vast majority of us.  He might be POTUS but he has no right speaking for 76% of us who believe in a higher authority.

I can only assume that 20 yrs sitting in the pews listening to Rev Wright one can get that impression.  But that is between God and POTUS.  One thing is for sure, President Obama at some point in time, will have to answer to the All Mighty.  If if still feels that way when his time on this earth is over “May God have mercy on his soul”.