Correct me if I am wrong....

the Cold War didn’t end in the 1960s right?

I was reading an article today and came across this paragraph:

I am well aware of the widespread conservative view of Obama’s naivete and lack of preparation (Rush Limbaugh stingingly calls him a “man-child”). But I am one of the many who regard Obama as authentically inspirational — as a leader appealing to our better nature rather than armoring us in eternal fear and paranoia against our fellow human beings. I remember how John F. Kennedy (the first politician I ever campaigned for) electrified young people and transformed our political reality, which was about to emerge from the long, grey slog of the Cold War.


Even Wikipedia states the end of the Cold War as 1991 and I’m pretty sure that I remember my history classes enough to know that Kennedy was assassinated even before I was a glimmer in my mom’s eye. I also plainly recall Reagan asking Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall”. Is this revisionist history on steroids or just carelessness?

And, Yeah, my very first Red State Blog entry!! Usually, I just read and absorb.

Thanks ya’ll!