Trump Should End The Obama Administration’s Anti-Small Business Policies

Donald Trump will now become the next President of the United States. Trump’s victory is based on the fact the overwhelming majority of people in America do not agree with the way our government operates. Their voices have now been heard loud and clear.


The number one issue to voters is jobs and the economy. Trump recognized this when he promised to create 25 million new jobs. A study by the Small Business Administration found over 90% of all U.S. firms have less than 20 employees and are responsible for over 97% of the net new jobs. The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that same data for decades. All of Trumps economic policies need to be based on this irrefutable data.


If President Trump wants to make good on his campaign promises to create jobs and end the corruption in Washington, he must end the rampant fraud and corruption in all federal small business contracting programs. The Small Business Act that mandates a minimum of 23% of all federal contracts go to small businesses , and is the single largest program ever passed by Congress to create jobs and boost the middle class economy.


A long series of federal investigations have all found blatant fraud and abuse in federal small business contracting programs. Investigations by the Government Accountability Office and SBA Office of Inspector General have all found Fortune 500 firms and corporate giants from around the world are the real recipients of hundreds of billions in federal small business contracts. Every major newspaper and TV news channel in the country has reported on the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants.


Even more liberal organizations like Public Citizen and Mother Jones have reported on the blatant fraud and abuse in federal small business contracting programs.


Trump should repeal all the anti-small business policies of the Obama Administration. I have some suggestions for President Trump that will supercharge the middle class economy and help him create those 25 million new jobs.


  1. Fire the senior leadership at the Small Business Administration. The SBA is directly responsible for dozens of policies that have cheated legitimate small businesses out of hundreds of billions in federal contracts and subcontracts.
  2. Resist pressure from the Pentagon to close the SBA and end all federal programs for small businesses by combining the SBA and the Commerce Department. This has been Washington’s favorite plan to kill small business programs and insure that 100% of all federal contracts go to corporate giants. It would be economic suicide.
  3. Eliminate the SBA’s “grandfathering rule” that has allowed federal agencies to report hundreds of billions in federal contracts to Fortune 500 firms as small business contracts.
  4. Eliminate the SBA’s exclusionary rule that has allowed the Obama Administration to cheat small businesses and small businesses owned by women, minorities and veterans out of hundreds of billions in federal contracts. The SBA’s “exclusionary rule” has falsified the true percentage of federal contracts award to small businesses by excluding the majority of all federal acquisitions from their calculations.
  5. Restore the parent company Dunn & Bradstreet number to the federal government’s        supplier data base. The removal of this data by the Obama Administration reduced transparency and increased fraud in small business contracting programs.
  6. Repeal the “Safe Harbor from Fraud Penalties” policy for large businesses that misrepresent themselves as small businesses to illegally land federal small business contracts.
  7. Repeal all SBA final rules that have reduced the volume of federal contracts and subcontracts to legitimate small businesses by allowing larger and larger firms to qualify as small businesses.
  8. Eliminate the GSA Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) that excluded thousands of legitimate small businesses form the federal market place. A legal opinion by Professor Charles Tiefer found the FSSI policy would exclude up to 90% of small businesses that are currently receiving federal small business contracts.
  9. Repeal the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program (CSPTP). For the last 27 years the Pentagon has been testing if removing all transparency and penalties for non-compliance with small business subcontract goals would actually increase subcontracting opportunities for small businesses. Well the results are in and not surprisingly the Pentagon has acknowledged the CSPTP has actually reduced opportunities for small businesses. Professor Tiefer’s legal opinion agreed with the Pentagon that the CSPTP has harmed small businesses. Professor Tiefer referred to the test programs as a “sham”.


If President Donald Trump will simply insure that the Small Business Act is fully implemented and eliminate the blatant corruption and fraud that currently exists in federal small business programs, it will create millions of new jobs across America.