How Far Will Obama Go To Silence Whistleblower Lloyd Chapman?

I have noticed something unusual in the media coverage of President Obama’s proposal in his FY 2016 budget to permanently close the Small Business Administration.

There isn’t any.

In 2012, when Obama proposed to permanently close the SBA and end all federal programs for small businesses by combining it with the Department of Commerce, there was a significant uproar and national media coverage. So much so that he dropped that plan and made no further mention of it.

Obama’s plan to kill the SBA and all of its programs to help small businesses was covered by a number of journalists including Fox News and was even covered internationally by RTTV.

I think the story that put an end to Obama’s plan to kill the SBA was release by Forbes. On January 14, 2014, Forbes Journalist Ty Kiisel released a story titled “Are We Sending The Wrong Message To Small Business?” In that story he stated, “I agree with Lloyd Chapman, head of the American Small Business League, cited by Harrison, when he warns that this is just another attempt to shutter one of the only government agencies in place to help the nation’s nearly 30 million small business owners.”

I knew Obama was going to try and close the SBA after I worked on his first Presidential campaign. I first predicted he would try and close the SBA by combing it with the Department of Commerce in November of 2008. I subsequently released several other press releases and blogs reiterating that prediction. I’ve even started filming a documentary to stop Obama from closing the SBA.

In addition to predicting he would try and the close the SBA I have released a blizzard of press releases, blogs, national television appearances, national radio interviews and dozens of interviews with journalists exposing the fact the Obama Administration is the most anti-small business administration in history.

I have even won over a dozen federal lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act that forced the release of thousands of pages of data that proved the Obama Administration was cheating middle class small businesses out of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Obama Administration’s “War on Whistleblowers” has been reported all over the world. Even the most liberal media has reported on it. So what are they doing now to shut me up and how far are they willing to go to silence me?

If you haven’t seen the documentary “The War on Whistleblowers” watch it. This is an amazing documentary that chronicles the hell the government put four whistle blowers through to try and shut them up. The typical Obama Administration attack on whistleblowers generally has two aspects. The first is they try and file some kind if trumped up federal case against you to threaten you with a lengthy trial and bankrupt you emotionally and financially. They have also used the IRS against some Whistleblowers.

Former TSA Air Marshall Robert Maclean is a prime example. The Feds were so determined to shut him up they retroactively classified a text message he sent as Top Secret a year after he sent it and went after him with the IRS.

I know I have embarrassed President Obama in the press repeatedly ever since he was elected. My unrelenting barrage of press releases, blogs and TV appearances have been very, very troubling to him I’m sure. My successful litigation to expose fraud in federal small business programs has been another major headache.

I’m sure the President and his entire staff was outraged when American Express named me one of the four strongest voices for small businesses in Washington.

I may have been saved from the typical anti-whistleblower treatment when the House Small Business Committee unanimously adopted an amendment calling for a Government Accountability Office investigation into fraud in federal small business contracting programs based on research my organization has done.

I think my best protection from the typical IRS and Justice Department anti-whistleblower campaign was provided by Federal District Court Judge William Alsup. In a November 2014 hearing in a Freedom of Information Act case I filled against the Pentagon, Judge Alsup stated, “The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act is so the public can see how our government works. Congress passed this law to make the small businesses have access to some of these projects, and here is the United States covering it up.

In a January 2015 hearing on that same case, Judge Alsup described me as being in a “David and Goliath” battle with the federal government and accused them of “trying to suppress the evidence.

Since the United States Department of Justice is representing the Pentagon in this case where they have been accused of “covering it up” and “trying to suppress the evidence”, it will be obvious they are trying to halt my litigation that could expose hundreds of billions in fraud at the Pentagon if they try the typical anti-whistleblower campaign against me.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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