Obama Plan To Kill Federal Small Business Programs Goes Unreported

In a few weeks Congress and President Obama will agree on the federal government’s FY 2016 budget. I’m predicting buried deep inside that budget will be President Obama’s plan to permanently close the Small Business Administration and end all federal programs to assist small businesses by combining it with the Department of Commerce.

Once the two agencies are combined, the staff and programs of the SBA will be quietly and invisibly dismantled. President Obama will close the only agency in the history of the federal government that was specifically created to help the middle class small businesses where most Americans work. Before he leaves office all of the programs administered by the SBA will evaporate.

The most important one will be the federal law that mandates that a minimum of 23% of all federal contracts be awarded to small businesses, The Small Business Act. This is the largest most efficient and effective economic stimulus plan for the middle class in U.S. history. This is the one and only program ever created to direct federal infrastructure spending to America’s 30 million small businesses.

Despite President Obama’s unending folksy rhetoric about middle class families and “folks” getting their fair share and “folks” this and “folks” that, he is going to kill the only federal program “folks” in the middle class have ever had to help them start their own business and have a shot at the American dream.

How can this happen, why isn’t this all over television and the internet you might say? Conservatives routinely talk about the liberal bias in the mainstream media. This is an actual verifiable example of that reality. President Obama’s sinister plan to kill the Small Business Administration and all of its programs has gone completely and totally unreported in the national mainstream media.

The real reason behind Obama’s plan to kill the SBA has also gone totally and completely unreported. Obama says he wants to combine the SBA and Department of Commerce to “streamline government”. Let see, the SBA’s annual operating budget is around $711 of the overall federal operating budget of around four trillion. That works out to about one ten-thousandth (.0001) on my calculator. Does that sound like the kind of money that would “streamline government” to you?

Does it seem logical and reasonable to kill the only federal agency in history to help the middle class small business that are responsible for over 90% of the net new jobs, over 50% of the private sector work force and over 50% of the GDP to save .0001% of the federal budget?

So what’s the real reason? Could it be to cover-up the rampant fraud and abuse that has been uncovered in virtually every program the SBA administers since Obama took office? Did I say cover-up? Anyone that believes in government cover-up is obviously a conspiracy nut. Oh wait a minute. What if a United States Federal District Court Judge says it? Can Federal District Court Judges be conspiracy nuts like Lloyd Chapman? Probably not.

When I sued the Pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain simple small business subcontracting data, in a November 6, 2014 hearing Judge William Alsup stated, “The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act is so the public can see how our government works. Congress passed this law to make the small businesses have access to some of these projects, and here is the United States covering it up.”

In a January 20 hearing in reference to the Pentagon’s refusal to release small business subcontracting reports Judge Alsup stated, “They are trying to suppress the evidence.”

Wow, a United States Federal District Court Judge accused the Obama Administration of trying to cover up small business data and trying to “suppress the evidence”. Find that in any story on any national TV news program. Try and find that mentioned in even one story in a major newspaper. Find that fact mentioned anywhere on the Internet in a story that I didn’t write. You can’t, because it went totally and completely unreported in the mainstream media.

This is the real reason President Obama wants to close the SBA. Need more proof? How about the fact that every year of the Obama Administration, the Inspector General that he appointed at the SBA, Peg Gustafson has named the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants as the number one problem at the SBA.

In a recent hearing in the House Small Business Committee, SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet was chastised by the committee for including billions in federal contracts to Fortune 500 firms in the SBA’s claim the Obama Administration awarded 23% of all federal contracts to small businesses. No one ever saw that story on national television. There is even a video of the hearing that would make the story very sexy for TV. You won’t find that story because that also went totally and completely unreported. Are the members of the House Small Business Committee conspiracy nuts like Lloyd Chapman and Federal District Court Judge William Alsup?

How about those conspiracy nuts over at the Office of Government Accountability that released Report 10-108 that stated, “By failing to hold firms accountable the SBA and contracting agencies have sent a message to the contracting community there is no punishment or consequences for committing fraud…”

I have certainly done my part to save the SBA. I have written dozens of blogs and press releases on the subject. I have even produced a short documentary on my battle to save the SBA. This is a topic for another day, but try and find any national small business advocacy group in Washington opposing Obama’s plan to kill the only federal agency to help small businesses. Could it be every supposed small business advocacy group in D.C. is actually funded by Fortune 500 firms? The correct answer to that questing is absolutely.

The sad truth is because of a lack of coverage in the press the SBA and all of its wonderful programs to help middle class small businesses will soon be gone.

Make no mistake, the real reason President Obama wants to close the SBA is to obscure the rampant and blatant fraud that has gone on at the SBA. He wants to cover up the fraud that has cheated “folks” in middle class small businesses out of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts and subcontracts.

He will be able to accomplish this for one reason and one reason only. It has been and will continue to be totally and completely unreported in the mainstream media.

P.S. Here is a video of what a genuine small business advocate actually does.