Is Obama Going After Bloggers In His War On Whistleblowers And Transparency?

In addition to the Obama Administration’s war on whistleblowers, their staggering lack of transparency seems to be escalating at an unprecedented pace.

Last year 38 journalistic organizations sent President Obama a letter asking him to stop politically driven censorship of the media. Just a few days later 47 Inspector’s General sent letters to the House and Senate Government Reform Committees asking for their help in securing documents from federal agencies so they could do their job of uncovering fraud and corruption in government.

In 2014, it was widely reported the Obama Administration was the least transparent administration in history despite President Obama’s solemn campaign promise to have the “most transparent administration in history.”

The Associated Press recently reported the Obama Administration had set an all time record for their historic lack of transparency and their campaign to block the release of data under the Freedom of Information Act.

I have experienced the Obama Administration’s anti-transparency policy up close and personal. In a recent Freedom of Information Act case I won against the Pentagon, I was requesting data that would prove billions of dollars in fraud at the Pentagon.  The United States Department of Justice was representing the Pentagon. The judge accused the government of “covering it up” and stated “They are trying to suppress the evidence.”  Isn’t the Justice Department supposed to uncover and prosecute fraud? Why are they helping the Pentagon in “covering it up”?

That case is now going to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I’m confident I will win and I’m already preparing myself for the typical Obama Administration anti-whistleblower campaign of harassment from the IRS and the Justice Department.

Now it appears the Obama Administration has even begun to attack bloggers that are critical of that administration. I have seen dozens of incredibly well researched and well-written blogs on several sites criticizing the Obama Administration with zero comments. It’s just not believable. This would seem to be evidence the government is manipulating blogs. One of Edward Snowden’s revelations was the government was manipulating virtually every aspect of information on the Internet including blogs.

I have seen a pattern of what appears to be outside interference with my own blogs. Over the last few years I have had hundreds of people tell me they have been unable to put comments on my blogs. Now it seems it’s difficult if not impossible to view some of my blogs that have criticized the Obama Administration.

Go to my blog on Firedoglake (FDL) and try and view any of my blogs criticizing the Obama Administration. Unless something has changed recently it can’t be done.  I have had people from across the country tell me they have been unable to view my FDL blogs or post comments.

I know it’s not FDL that’s interfering with their bloggers. The owner of FDL, Jane Hampshire has been a passionate supporter of government whistleblowers and government transparency for years.

I have had friends and supporters tell me it was difficult if not impossible to place comments on many of my blogs, regardless of what site they were on. I sat next to a friend one night that was unable to place comments on any of my blogs. I am convinced this is just a small sample of the lengths the Obama Administration is willing to go to silence their critics.

It seems President Obama is using the full extent of the federal government’s power and technology to silence all those that would criticize his administration. Journalists, Inspectors General and bloggers have all experienced the Obama Administration’s tactics to block federal investigations and investigative journalism that would be unflattering or critical of the President.

As I have learned in my Freedom of Information Act legal battles the Justice Department has even become involved in the campaign to withhold information that would expose fraud and abuse in the Obama Administration.

Now it has been reported the Obama Administration has exempted the Executive Branch from the Freedom of Information Act. This is really getting scary. My guess is after President Obama leaves office, stories will be coming out for years about the blatant corruption they were struggling to hide.

The biggest tragedy is the damage the Obama Administration has done to transparency in our government and it will probably never be restored.